What Is Life Lessons All About?

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I was sitting in my office with Tiffany, our Social Media Manger, as we talked about possible social media campaigns to do - they’re usually focused around a product.  We batted a few ideas around but nothing felt like “it”.  Then we started talking about how damaging social media can be because you’re constantly comparing yourself to someone else (who often is filtered to to the gods).  And how rarely we hear women speak positively about their appearance - it just doesn't seem to be valued in our society.  We're supposed to suck everything in and diminish the good we do.   

And a click happened inside of me. What if we created multiple opportunities for women to share what they loved about themselves?  What made them feel beautiful?  And advice they'd share about beauty with their 18 year old self (pulled from our Beauty Full Stories podcast as the closing question to each interview).  

The seed for our Life Lessons Series was planted and my eyes welled up with tears as I realized the opportunity we have here to show women speaking positively about themselves.  Over and over.  Tiffany and I got excited! 

Since one of the questions was inspired by our podcast we've turned to some of our first guests and asked them to share answers to the questions and we'll be releasing them here and on social weekly.  They are powerful, inspirational and even fun - I'm obsessed with them!  

It makes me emotional to realize the opportunity that we have - and if we can help ONE person judge herself less and accept herself more - what a purposeful thing that would be!

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  • Tracie Posehn

    I’d rather be a little lonelier, have a few key peeps who respect my boundaries and keep my self worth than allow others (family included) to maintain the dysfunction towards me for sake of keeping the peace.

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