Watering Our Dreams

watering seedlings

You've chosen your seeds, you know where they're going in your garden - spring has sprung!  Now we have to make it happen - we have to water those little seedlings so that they can grow strong roots to face the world outside of your basement grow lights - with harsh winds, the blazing sun and jerk bugs.  Otherwise, they won't make it.  And you might be dreaming of a larkspur-filled garden but your mother-in-law really thinks you should plant cone flowers.  So you start to second guess yourself.  

woman looking at sky

I’ve learned that dreams don’t make sense to a lot of people because they require risk-taking and a willingness to commit to some thing wholeheartedly that may or may not work out. But the concept that it might, that it could be what you hope for, that's the foundation that dreams are built on.  

A few years in to Erin's Faces a close friend said to me "I told your husband he had to make you stop doing this if it didn't start to make more money".  This hurt on multiple levels - emotionally, because I didn't feel supported, and practically because during those years I worked extra makeup gigs to cover the money I wasn't making in sales at Erin's Faces.  As such I paid half of everything - the rent, utilities and I covered all of my own expenses.  So, my friend didn't see my dream but, fortunately, I married someone who did and had never mentioned their conversation to me.

pink roses on bush

our rose bush in full bloom

Sometimes we have to water our dreams alone.  And it's hard because how do you know when to stay the course and when to stop?  How do you know if you’re watering a dead plant that’s not going to come back or if you’re watering a plant that’s going to turn in to the most beautiful thing you’ve ever seen? I feel like you have to try, otherwise you'll never know.  And no one else really knows what the answer is.  I never dreamed that we would have clients all around the country, most of which I've never met, who tag our products on Instagram alongside fancy brands they bought at Sephora or Ulta.  That wasn't even on my radar because I was just putting one foot in front of the other.

women together

And I had no idea what I was in for when I started all of this.  Incredibly wonderful fulfilling moments as well as some of the biggest challenges of my life.  But both the good and the hard have made me a better person, have taught me and have created this community that I just feel lucky to be a part of.  And none of that would have ever happened if I listened to the "no" inside of my own head or the "no's" that other folks told me.  

So, my vote is, if you have a dream take a step towards it and see how that feels.  Then take another and another, and give it light and water so it can grow.  We need dreamers in the world.  To quote my friend Jen Waldman, "the world needs what you have to give." 



  • Erin's Faces

    Debbie – oh my goodness I love the seed company! Thank you so much for sharing the info with me and everyone else here! And agreed – sometimes something isn’t the right fit but it’s worth the try – exactly. Thank you :) xoxo

    Heidi – thank you so much for writing – and yes, everything you said is the hope :) xoxo

    Marcy – thank you for this incredible testimonial – I understand how hard it can be when conventional products literally don’t work for you anymore. But it’s even harder when there’s no workable alternative! I’m so happy that our Matcha Mascara is a good fit – thank you for your support! xoxo

  • Debbie Feely

    Yes! And sometimes it’s just a trial run that wasn’t quite it but worth the try.
    I want to introduce you to another seed company Bakercreek Heirloom Seeds. Rareseeds.com. I think you’ll love their vision to develop heirloom seeds around the world and how they have data when all proceeds go to one of their employee’s family with a program to support Afghani refugees, or this week supporting a feed St Louis community farms program. It just sounds like you.

  • Heidi

    Beautiful and timeless words, Erin! Thank you for this – we can each benefit from being reminded to follow our dreams and to remain encouraged and inspired.

  • Marcy

    Amen! Erin! First I loooooovvvvveee my mascara! I spent 20 some years waiting for your mascara to come into a reality. It took years getting the junk out of my facial products and make up. It took time money educating myself and patience. Found some great organic products along the way but my mascara was still the last lost friend. It’s probably been 10 years of Only wearing mascara if absolutely necessary. Which was not a lot. I am turning 50 this year. I can not express enough my gratitude for being able to wear mascara again!!! It has gifted me Pep in my step. I was like a giddy teenager playing with my bottle. AND….zero worry about what the heck is in this stuff??? Some mascaras ( shall remain nameless) were very close but the smudging was inevitable. Yours was Love at first swoop of the Wand. I knew in a moment You broke the years of “feeling dull and not looking myself”. I have a minimalist attitude when it comes to make up. Mascara was always a Must for me. But the cons were stacking too high against my old school brands. Once I understood the amount of chemicals in the formulas It never felt good. Then I started loosing clumps of lashes while gently washing out every night. So I had to Stop…… I Waited…waited…watched… a few years ago I’ve tried some other pioneers,I thank them too, but not it.
    I really had just given up. There are so many things in Life to be Grateful for and got to keep moving. It is what it is. It’s only Mascara….. right? Not a necessity…..Ummm yeah no it’s a Game changer Dream Maker feeling like a Bright Eyed Lady ready to Get back out into the World! With every Swipe it makes me want to Show Up for myself and Do what needs to be done. Its All Energy and the words of Encouragement from a Brave Inspiring Female Power that You Are…are everything. Thank you for Never Giving Up on yourself cause it made a Huge difference in my Life.
    Magic Wands for All!

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