Take The Vacation

bouquet of flowers

flowers that I got at the Glen Arbor Farmer's Market from Jim Kelderhouse Farm

This is one of my favorite times of the year - all of the garden planning I've done is literally growing up around me.  Spring bloomers have come, wowed me, and gone, and now the summer flowers are open and thriving in the heat.  

pyramid point in michigan - view of blue water

view from the Pyramid Point Overlook - who wouldn't want to go here?!

It's also the time of year I get to go to my favorite place on the planet (aside from Ninfa's in Houston) which is Glen Arbor, Michigan.  A strong love of nature was instilled in me here as I grew up coming every summer, surrounded by flowers, forest and a huge expanse of water that is Lake Michigan. It makes me so incredibly happy to go to Michigan - so why have I historically felt guilty as an adult coming here?

I don't know about you but I have had a tape in my head for years that said that it was "selfish" to go on vacation, that I wasn't being a good business owner by doing so and that I really should be working as there's always more to do.  I've felt this to the point that I didn't usually tell my most of my team that I was leaving until the day before because I felt a level of shame about going somewhere.  And yet I strove to create an environment that valued self care and an attempt at balance.  Mixed messages anyone??

the view from our house to the front and to the side

This year I decided I would tell my team weeks before I left.  Initially it felt uncomfortable, like a shirt that didn't fit right, but I did it anyhow.  And you know what, after a couple of days it felt GREAT!  And the day I left it felt normal and lovely to have folks saying "have a fun time!" 

getting to visit with friends who happen to be clients and my dad

I'm fully aware that this all sounds crazy if this isn't an issue you've had, but I think we all have had something we've felt like we "should" do and it has allowed us to not prioritize what's actually really healthy and lovely for us.  I find with moms it's spending time away from their kids, with entrepreneurs it's spending time away from their business, with performers it's anything that isn't performing (that tells you what most of my friends do).  


And you know what?  One of our team members got sick and needed to stay home.  Another had to move (locally) while I was gone.  And one of our shipments was missing pieces.  And still, everything turned out just fine.  Orders got out, emails got answered, and bottles were filled and labeled. 

woman taking photo of bottle

it doesn't count if we already had the bottle with us 😂

And for the first time I didn't bring a suitcase full of product with me on my vacation (I literally do this everywhere I go and honestly I think it's a great idea but it's a lot) because I've taken pictures of everything here already - you've seen it! So instead of doing that and instead of filming everything for Instagram Stories to share all the beautiful parts of Glen Arbor I spent extra time reading a book or walked along the water.  It was GREAT.  

happy couple smiling

Daniel & I, relaxed at the end of our vacay

I'm learning to not be ashamed that I need a break - to realize that it's necessary, restorative and makes me actually do my job better when I get back.  Which hopefully sets a different tone for everyone else on my team than before.  Baby steps.


  • Erin's Faces

    Francine – isn’t it so beautiful?! I’m so happy you’ve been. Thank you so much for your support – you’re absolutely right – I want my employees to absolutely take time away to rest and rejuvenate. xoxo

    Colette – ooh lucky lady! I wish we lived closer! And you’re right – I’m better when I get to slow down and be quiet – thank you! xoxo

    Nancy – isn’t it bonkers?! It’s so pretty I can’t handle it. Thank you!

  • Nancy Stober

    Never imagined how beautiful Lake Michigan come be. Vacations especially those by the water are good for our souls. Hope yours was relaxing indeed

  • Colette Kenville

    Erin, as a life time Michigander who adores going up north I say Take The Vacation!!
    You will be a better business owner, get more creative in nature and most important be rested and calm.

  • Francine

    Oh my gosh, we visited Glen Arbor last summer and absolutely loved it! Years ago I lived in Michigan but I had not been back in a while. My husband, youngest son and I traveled to Traverse City and spent a week visiting all of the lovely towns. It was one of our favorite trips. I am so glad you got to get away this summer and to do it guilt free. Everyone deserves time to recharge. You wouldn’t expect your employees to not take a vacation, right? So why should you have to give yours up. Life is too short! Thank you for your amazing products and thank you for sharing your story!

  • Erin's Faces

    Kitty I absolutely remember sitting in my dad’s house with you and Jane and I get excited every time I see your name come up for an order – thank you so much for supporting me and this company for so long! And you’re absolutely right about needing to take breaks, and owning a business you know how hard that can be. But yes to this and thank you for that support too xoxo

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