How To Plant Zinnias from Seed

Erin gives a quick demo on how she planted our Erin's Mix Zinnias (but the method is good for all zinnias!).  

Our zinnia seed packets are gone for the season but hopefully we'll get to bring them back again next year.


  • Erin's Faces

    Hi Kathy! Thank you so much! And it was actually a garden stake – I had a yardstick that I had been using but it got left out in the rain and the numbers wore off. So I measured out 3 inch increments on my stake and marked them in Sharpie and that has stayed really well through all weather, and doubles as a support for tall flowers! So glad it’s helpful :) xo

  • Kathy Murphy

    What a great video! Simple. Detailed. Was that an old garden hose marked with measurements to plant seeds by? Genius! I know we have pieces of water hose that I could use like that. Never had luck before planting zinnia. Now I will try again!

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