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I'm so happy to be sitting down to write to you - COVID has run through our office in the last month and knocked nearly every one of us out so we are a bit behind in just about everything which I'm learning to make peace with.

In looking at what I want to do in this new year I'm embracing the concept of "Growing Together".  I love our community because, while I love a good lip gloss and a serum, together we're more than that.  You've been vulnerable with me whether in person, over email or even Instagram DMs and I want to return that to continue to create a space that we can all expand into our best selves.  A little heady, but that's me 😊.

And speaking of Instagram, if you follow me there you know I love to garden and we're going to be incorporating that into this year too which I'm really excited about!  In these cold months thinking about flowers feels far off but this winter I'm focusing on a season of rest, which I think we all need.  Starting the year off with COVID has forced me to slow down and literally rest which is HARD for me to do.  I struggle with feelings of guilt, shame and feeling left behind when I rest.  But it was required and it gave me some time to think about who I want to be and how I want to run my company.

Instead of New Year's resolutions to change our appearance, could this be a quiet time to reflect on how we can be the person we want to be?  Instead of the person we're supposed to be.  How can we lean into our values more instead of feeling pressure to make massive changes in a time that is full of massive changes?  

The time for planting and gardening and harvesting will all come but I love the idea of bulbs and plants growing under the soil, where we can't see it, which is what is happening as we speak.  Quiet but intentional and focused - preparing to bloom.  

The image shown above is my vision board for the year.  Each of our team created them this week and we've hung them around the office so that we can be reminded of what's important to us.

And YOU are important to me.  So thanks for coming with me as we dive deep while having fabulous lashes and super soft skin! 😊


  • Erin's Faces

    Thank you so much Jaci!! We so appreciate your support xoxo

  • Jaci M

    ✨💖Thank you Erin and your wonderful team for creating a joyful space but also a safe place for all of us to be vulnerable. Sending ya’ll much LOVE!💖✨

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