55. Writing My Own Story with Jennifer Sanchez

Jennifer Sanchez, a brunette with hazel eyes looking right into the camera

Jennifer Sanchez has been on Broadway (8 times as of this moment) and is a singer/songwriter who has an amazing story!  She shared how she grew up in a military family with influences from her Mexican, Spanish, German and Japanese heritage.  She studied music in school and graduated high school early.  During her first year of college Jennifer got pregnant (and went into labor during a final!).  Everyone in her life thought she would move back home and that would be it, but instead she started on an amazing journey with her son as her co-pilot.  .Jennifer is a ball of light, joy, determination and silliness and was the perfect conversation to end our season with.   

Josey and I got to discuss our top selling product, Tamanu Oil, and why it's so popular.  We also go through the different uses for it as well as how it got added to our line in the first place.

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