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As we began talking about our new SPF there was a lot of excitement (yay!) but also a fair amount of trepidation as y'all love our Peptide SPF 30 and are nervous to try the new Peptide Protection SPF 30 - I hear you.  Here are some FAQs that are coming up in hopes that they can answer your questions:

Why the heck are you changing this formula?  I LOVE it!

I loved it too!!  But our old SPF formula is 11 years old.  And there has been innovation since then folks.  I wanted to bring even more skincare ingredients into the formula (which is honestly really hard because a sunscreen's main function is to protect you from the sun and it gets tested to the gods to make sure that's happening - fitting in other bells and whistles can quickly fall by the wayside).  I also wanted to update the packaging and make it luxe but felt that our formula itself needed to be more luxe too.  So that's what started it off.

Okay fine, so is it still a mineral SPF?

Yes!  Previously we used both non-nano Zinc Oxide and Titanium Dioxide as our Active Ingredients.  In the new Peptide Protection SPF 30 we just use non-nano Zinc Oxide.

Does it blend in as well as the other one did??

It does!  It took two years for us to approve our final formula and we rejected a number of samples that did not blend as well until we landed on a superior Zinc Oxide that worked on multiple skin tones in our office which was really important to me.

So is my face going to look white when I put it on?

Yes - it is.  And it did with the old one too.  But it blends in just as well.  I found with both of them that if you're dry it's helpful to use an oil with it (Argan or Tamanu) to help it glide over dry patches.

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Is it still broad spectrum?


Alright, good, is the peptide situation the same?

It isn't and that's because I found a peptide chain that really spoke to our community (and to me!) - Pentapeptide-59 was created to calm sensitive skin and reduce skin irritation.  It does this in addition to all the good things peptides usually do which address collagen breakdown.  It has been found to calm overreactive skin and reduce itching of sensitive skin.  It's awesome!

Ooh, okay - that sounds kind of official - can you prove it?

Yes!  Our new formula is "sensitive skin safe" - that's a drug claim that some people throw around but we literally tested for it and passed.  


Alright! Is there anything else fancy in the formula?

You know there is!  Two main callouts here:


Organic Plum Seed Oil contains:

  • Vitamin A which can help improve wrinkles and skin elasticity
  • Vitamin C - helps repair cells and reduce hyperpigmentation
  • Vitamin E - helps heal and repair damaged skin
  • Omega Fatty Acids 6 and 9 - hydrates the skin
  • Oleic Acid - noncomedogenic and helps regulate sebum production
  • Antioxidants - helps with the production of elastin and collagen

Holy smokes!  Okay - this sounds kind of great!  Is it matte?  Dewy?  What finish are we talking here?

I'm going to say it's a satin finish - closer to matte than to dewy. I didn't want to do a straight matte SPF because Zinc itself can be quite drying and when you combo that with a matte formula your face can feel like it's drying up and falling off.  

But it doesn't feel greasy?

No - totally not greasy at all.

And not thick?

Nope, super lightweight.

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Got it.  You said you wanted luxe packaging - did you end up doing that?

We totally did - our Peptide Protection SPF 30 got upgraded to a beautiful white aluminum bottle (with a BPA-free liner) and a pump (yay for a pump!).  It's lightweight, able to go to the beach or the pool with you, and aluminum is far more recyclable than plastic.  

What size is the bottle?

It's 3.4 oz so you can travel with it!

And what does it cost?


Okay - I'm going to be honest, I'm totally sold.  Where can I get it?


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Ooh you made that easy!  BUT, if I was still nervous what's the story on the old SPF?

We have some bottles of our Peptide SPF 30 (the older formula) left and once we sell through them that item will be discontinued.  I'd recommend if you get one that you also get a sample of the new Peptide Protection SPF 30 so you can literally do a side-by-side comparison and hopefully that'll make you feel more comfy.

Alright - thank you!

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