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 I don't know about you but I always fall in love with palettes and get a warm fuzzy feeling that soon comes crashing down because of a random eyeshadow shade that I will never wear in said palette.

This is why I wanted to put the power in YOUR hands and let you choose (though I'm happy to vote on colors if you need help!).

You get THREE MINERAL EYESHADOWS, TWO MINERAL BLUSH COLORS and the SUNKISSED MINERAL BRONZER comes in every palette (because it's pretty on everyone!) and gives you a great savings.

TO CHOOSE YOUR COLORS - Please enter colors you desire in the "Notes" section during checkout.

Mineral Eyeshadow Shades: Snow(s), Ivory(m), Cream(m), Sandstone(s), Champagne(s), Cafe(m), Sunrise(s), Earth(m), Sunset(sp), Espresso(m), Clover(s), Emerald(s), Forest(m), Pavement (s), Plum(s), Velvet (m), Navy(m), Dove(m), Dusk(m), Night(m)

Mineral Blush Shades: Impatiens(m), Rose(m), Begonia(m), Gerber(m), Orchid(s), Tiger Lily(s), 

(s) = shimmer; (m) = matte, (sp) = sparkle

Palettes will come with all shadows, blushes and bronzer in pans for you to insert into compact as they just ship better this way.


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